Peaches ‘N Creame Paddle - Pink


Get ready to add a fruity twist to your playful spanks with the peaches ‘n creame peach paddle! This petite yet powerful paddle is designed for a delightful mix of playful fun and saucy sensations. Crafted with faux leather and adorned with adorable peach-shaped cutouts, it's as charming as it is effective. The split tips offer a satisfying smack, while the peachy cutouts add a touch of whimsy with every swat at your partner’s peach. Perfectly sized for a teasing tap or a firmer spank, the peaches ‘n creame peach paddle is the ultimate accessory for a silly and flirty impact scene!

• 12.5” (31.75 cm) long paddle with peach cut outs
• Faux leather split tip design
• Attached wrist strap for added stability